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That's not what makes ad men Mad Men...

Alan Kegel - Tuesday, April 05, 2011
Ad men have long embraced CDs as being among the most attractive forms of marketing communication…

Looking back through our ad archives we found this from those heady days when CD was king and gas was cheap.

Our last entry generated a flurry of feedback, but not one word about paper USB Flash drives. It was instead about marketing with CD and DVD versus USB Flash... both by Direct Mail and as Trade Show handouts and Mr. Sewell's musing that discs 'seem so 1990s'. Yipes! Did he mean they're not sexy? The primary thoughts touched on several considerations when proposing a marketing campaign to a client: cost, novelty, capacity, versatility, and functionality. Ad men have long embraced CDs as being among the most attractive forms of marketing communication because they afford three significant benefits: they're secure, tangible and portable. And equally compelling... CDs enabled rich media. In the past year and a half we have observed a shift in electronic marketing that appears grounded in the realization that websites are of little value when they're lost in search engines. Discs solve that. Discs also offer graphic designers real branding S-P-A-C-E on their expansive surface area. USB just can't compete, in either the branding area or the creative opportunity the CD's surface presents as a designer's playground. USB drives are printed in one or two colors. Discs are full color, wall-to-wall. However, the crux of their love for discs is borne out in the comparative cost differential between a 4GB Flash drive and a 5GB DVD. On any given day, purchasing 500 4GB Flash drives will cost about $8.50 each, whereas 500 DVD5 will cost only about $.79 each. That's dramatic, but its the extended cost where dramatic becomes glaring: 500 4GB USB drives: $4250.00 vs 500 DVD5 $395.00. Onerous as a 1000% price difference is, that's not what makes ad men mad men; its the fact that a USB drive and its contents (the meat and potatoes of a client's investment in a marketing campaign) cannot be secured. Those wonderful little USB Flash drives, a.k.a. trade show swag, are 'repurposed' to personal use and its mission critical marketing presentation gets unceremoniously deleted. Ouch!
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