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Alan Kegel - Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Flagship’s DVD practically disappears into the pocket folder…

ISODISC/Flagship Adventures DVD - See inset of disc inserted in folder slot.

ISODISC was recently tapped to provide discs to Sir Speedy of (98 North Washington Street) Boston, MA for a special marketing packet that had been developed for Flagship Adventures, an adrenaline pumping RIB thrill purveyor. The project included printed leaflets and a DVD in a nautically themed pocket folder. Sir Speedy's client was thrilled with the results and, judging solely from the spot-on color fidelity between the DVD and the folder and the tight packaging integration with the disc, its easy to see why. Flagship's DVD practically disappears into the pocket folder – take a look! Project Manager Rafe Hershfield, expressed it succinctly saying, "The DVD's look great, thank you! This is the total package." Its a fine example of how finely tuned ISODISC's Chromatix Color Process is for projects requiring accurate color. And, its worth pointing out, it was accomplished without a client provided print sample to match for DVD silkscreen-press setup and also serves as reference to the printing and finishing capability of Rafe and the crew at Sir Speedy, Boston. A job well done guys. Now, how about an adrenaline pumping thrill ride in one of those high-speed inflatables?
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