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M-Disc: The 1000 Year Archive!

Alan Kegel - Thursday, January 05, 2012
The “Aha!” moment for M-Disc adopters is upon learning the “pits” you record on it are actual “pits”… think stamped disc…

Cross-sections of a Standard DVD vs the M-Disc.

From time to time a media advancement comes along that really makes a difference... a product that's infinitely useful and that most people need. ISODISC is pleased to introduce the Millenniata M-Disc, a 4.7GB recordable optical disc with an archive lifetime in excess of 1000 years! And we have it available, right now, for silkscreen printing with your branding artwork, along with the premium grade CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R and USB Flash media we've been silkscreen printing for years. What makes the M-Disc especially noteworthy and game changing is the fact it (and the valuable data you've recorded on it) will last a lifetime... make that, 15 human life times! How, you ask, is this even possible? M-Disc is the invention of a talented group of developers, led by Mark Worthington who has a long list of optical disc innovations and advancements to his credit. M-Disc, unlike other recordable optical discs which "burn" marks on a disc, is engraved by an M-Ready CD/DVD/BD recording drive. The key to this technology is the recording layer is NOT a dye, rather, it's an inorganic rock-like layer, (yes, you read that right), which is engraved by a laser diode which delivers roughly 5 times the power of the lasers found in your standard CD/DVD/BD recorders, hence the 'M-Ready' designation. The "Aha!" moment for M-Disc adopters is upon learning the "pits" you record into it are actual pits... think stamped disc... but fortified with the durability of stone! The M-Drives literally move material to form the pits and lands vs dye based discs which discolor the dye layer to reduce reflectivity. After its been recorded the M-Disc is readable, like any DVD, on a set-top box or DVD player... forever. The M-Disc has been rigorously tested and certified by the U.S Department of Defense at China Lake, CA doing comparative tests against all major brands of archive DVD, coming out on top with crushing results. Both Sony and LG have rolled out M-Ready drives with other manufacturers tooling up as well; M-Ready drives are cost competitive with ordinary CD/DVD/BD-R recorders. Don't burn it, engrave it!
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