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DMA Survey: Optical Discs Score Bullseye!

Alan Kegel - Friday, July 08, 2011
For success, optical discs should be the core of cross-channel marketing to increase engagement of the targeted recipients.

As reported by DMA research, Optical Discs deliver quantified results: A whopping 73% of recipients actually play discs in their computer!

The redundant ubiquity of social media has diminished its once au courant glamour in a marketer's quiver of tools... much like spam killed the 'open rate' of an email centric marketing plan. This isn't to suggest that either are 'dead', so much as increasingly 'crippled' due to both excessive internet clutter and growing consumer fatigue. The result is a 'So what...' jading, and they become passe. In response to the apparent burn out, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), in collaboration with DiscMail Direct, a trade coalition, conducted research in 2010 of the predominant marketing options for pitching a sales presentation to gauge the effectiveness of optical discs vs email vs social media. What they uncovered was quite enlightening and suggests that CDs & DVDs are far from losing their place in the marketing mix for companies seeking quantifiably effective results. See below.

• 91% of all respondents who received a DVD/CD in the mail opened the mailer
• A whopping 73% of them actually played the discs in their computer
• 59% of respondents believe that a DVD/CD is more secure than email
• Of all respondents, 85% prefer a DVD/CD in the mail than an email by the same advertiser
• 89% of respondents would spend more time with a direct mail piece if it included a DVD/CD

The DMA study dovetails perfectly with the findings of a similar survey conducted several years ago when compact discs were competing primarily with print media such as post cards, catalogues, etc. What this translates to for corporate marketers, small business owners and ad agency professionals is that optical discs should be at the core of all cross-channel marketing efforts through the use of interactive, web-enabled content to increase their effective stickiness factor for targeted consumers.
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