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Advantage: brand synergy.

Alan Kegel - Thursday, May 27, 2010
Smart marketers know that “nothing succeeds like success”

Brand synergy: Telvent's USB Flash Drives & silk-screen printed DVD-R distribution media.

One of the outstanding perks we at ISODISC enjoy is the privilege of working with some of the best graphic designers and media savvy marketeers in the business. Each week sees dozens of electronic media projects pass through our facility showcasing creative energy that runs from 'the stunning to the sublime'– most projects include custom printed sleeves coordinated with the artwork of the disc. Recent trends have heralded a surge in the number of projects that include USB Flash drives tied-in to silkscreened CDs/DVDs to maximize brand synergy across multiple distribution media platforms. One such project is pictured above: produced by the creative minds at Telvent who have developed a cohesive package of marketing collateral to showcase their Smart Grid product. The synergy of these pieces is further enhanced at their website, which builds on the same look and feel, as well as color, images and energy. Smart marketers know that "nothing succeeds like success"; with a good design team and collateral that reinforces brand synergy, success is much easier to reach. As you plan new CD/DVD/USB Flash projects let ISODISC help build your brand synergy and optimize your ROI.
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